Finding the hidden job?

only 20% the job offers will be visible channels selection work. The reason is clear: companies seeking staff, before beginning an extensive selection process with candidates not known and devote a lot of time and significant resources, endeavor to use contacts in other companies or professionals who can adapt to meet the needs of the profile you are cercant.Molts professionals who are active in research work, have a learning process the first of its powers, then how to make your CV so that shows his skills, and finally have devoted much time to know the type of high normal channels and visible, devoting to this a lot of time, finally managed to have a good positioning.

Canals com Linkedin, Easytojobs, Infojobs, press, etc…, are channels that are meeting points between candidates and companies, but there is much more to explore.

The surprise is when the professionals are only a very small percentage of the offers that exist to reach these channels, and thus lost the opportunity to access it or at least be able to bet on nomination.

What do these professionals have, So to access these hidden offers?

Cal professionals, besides knowing their skill levels, prepare your CV and position it to networks, know the importance of working networking.

networking, comes from the combination of two words Net (network) and Working (work), which can be translated as networking or work network; I like the second meaning then reveals what the candidates have to: Work your network of contacts.

We all have contacts; in fact just open the Contacts application on our phone, go to the letter "z" and see the total number of contacts that we have on the agenda.

The problem we have professionals who are actively seeking work that is must learn to take advantage of this network of contacts, to find work, i a priori, it is a task with which they are very accustomed.

The most common errors committed when working our network of contacts are:

1. Untargeted our good contacts and headed incorrectly.

2. We do not work well and are not our position clear when we talk to our contacts. In the know communicate la nostra value proposition.

3. Not distinguish the different levels that exist within our network of contacts, in other words that is, There are top-level contacts are those who have direct access, but the real power of our network will give us the network of contacts.

now, als who touches candidats is learning to manage your contacts efficiently to ensure that more than cover 20% the job through the usual channels, could also position itself firmly against 80% remaining.

In a future article will discuss how to work our network efficiently finding work.

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