Competence selection. Why we can no longer find work as did our fathers?

There is no doubt that the labor market is a scenario that has evolved in recent years, and therefore so have job search methods.

The reason is that professional today is far from professional ago 20 from 25 years, as has happened with labor relations , how to analyze productivity , or performance evaluation of employees.

A few decades ago, which is not to say that there are still certain types of organizations that still apply, what an employee was valued their knowledge and their ability to develop their work, always from a technical field, and other intrinsic values ??like loyalty and the ability to apply the procedures without mistakes.

This was in line with in an industry dominated by industry and manufacturing, and where an employee's work was directly related to the amount of work that could be extracted per unit of time.

But for more than 25 years predominant economic activity developed countries has evolved into the service, Wherefore required skills, knowledge and different results for those workers had been carried out so far.

In this new scenario the performance evaluation of employees is totally related to the value added each person is able to contribute to the overall value of the company , which ultimately will be the key to market differentiation.

We spent the preparation of the product with certain technical specifications, to meet the needs of an audience, i per tant, organizations need to play in this market new ways of managing resources and talent of its employees to achieve their objectives.

Cal per tant new ways to select has the multipurpose people within organizations that will be able to work for goals not always fixed, which will be modified according to market needs and requiring workers much more than knowledge or goodwill.

the Selection departments of companies seeking people with expertise, only missing, but this is a must they know that in most cases does not provide differentiating value to the company and therefore are more focused other aspects more desirable for their organizations: skills and attitude.

And if you identify knowledge was already a complicated aspect, as do departments to assess the skills and attitudes of the people?.

To evaluate these elements, must work with multivariate evaluation models, to analyze the individual holistic way to capture all your capabilities and align them with the desired professional profile.

One of the methods that is increasingly being implemented in the departments of the enterprise selection is the Competence selection.

If we look at the definition of competition, We dictionary defines it as "Expertise, suitability or fitness for something or participate in a particular matter”, where we can get an idea of ??what we will find a selection process.

Since the field of recruitment, already more oriented at hand, Competence understood, Searching for a brief definition because there are other elements such as personality or the reasons they do not contemplate "Competition is whoever set capabilities, skills and attitudes necessary in an individual, per power respond to labor situations of varying complexity ".

When talking about competition in the future job that you are accessing, per tant, You have to think about things like leadership skills, teamwork, Emotional mastery, Targeting results, etc. Per tant, besides knowing all those elements that are important for the job you want to develop, Besides you should know what your level of achievement for each competition and thus to address the interviews and further tasks effectively.

That is why the powers are currently based selection systems and subsequent performance management of individuals working within organizations, i per tant s’ha d’estar preparat.

You're you?

And with that, what would be your answer to these questions? :

  1. I know that the skills evaluated to develop my current job or future?
  2. I know the degree of importance of each competition in my current job or future?
  3. I know what my level of achievement of each of these competitions?

In addition to studies, my knowledge and my experience, I'm working on something else to improve your professional profile?

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