networking. How to manage it to get the most out?

In a previous article on How to find the hidden jobs We talked about the importance he had to use our network of contacts to find the hidden job (which they did not leave before the usual channels because they had found their candidate), and the typical errors made when people wanted to work their network of contacts inexperienced.

Networking com ja hem dit, comes from the combination of two words "Net" (online) and "Working" (work), which can be understood as the networking O Networking.

Whether you fit a concept or another both speak of a term: Working, and that without work it is very difficult to manage your contacts.

We all contacts, i per manage-the bé We must be clear 5 appearances :

  1. The contacts are classified by levels :
    • All the contacts you know and know us and are in our address book contacts call the 1st level.
    • All contacts are the first level of our contacts first class but we do not know are called second-level contacts.
    • The contacts are the third level we do not know which are the first level of second-level contacts and so on.
  2. Whenever we go to a contact must be clear what we ask and more importantly, what we can offer you.
  3. The relationship with our network of contacts should always be win2win. If we go to the first level of contact only to ask for something, be very difficult to get anything; on the contrary, if we go by offering something in which we can help, it will always be easier to get what you want.
  4. Before joining our network of contacts is therefore essential that we know for each Contact premier, what each contact and what we can offer.
  5. Work on our network of contacts is a hard and difficult work, for which it is necessary to work in a very professional and very patient.

How to take advantage of both our network of contacts to find work?

To start take advantage of our network of contacts will make the following steps:

  1. Make a list of your contacts top-level targeting for each contact 3 important aspects:
    • What is your employment situation and they are working on?
    • What might help?
    • How could we help him?
  2. Enlarge List of point 1 2nd level contacts we know they have contacts in our network by the same process.
  3. Associate contacts top-level contacts with second-level.
  4. Select those contacts that can help us achieve our goal; in our case, we can help you find a job.
  5. Review when we can help before you get in touch with him
  6. Get in touch with him about a meeting
  7. Review where we can help and prepare the meeting.

From here we are able to get a good start to benefit from our network of contacts.

Remember a basic and fundamental aspect : The relationship with your contacts should always be a relationship win2win. If you want to take advantage of them, the relationship will not work. To be eligible you must give and therefore before asking a contact, offers something that can help.

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