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A multidisciplinary team of psychologists, consultants and technicians have developed Easytojobs, a support platform that connects to the candidates who are actively seeking a job with companies recruitment departments or companies that are selecting profiles for new additions to their organizations, using criteria based on the evaluation of labor skills.


Recruitment work from the scope of the evaluation of the professional skills of the candidates.

The competition is set anyone capabilities, skills and attitudes necessary in an individual, per power respond to labor situations of varying complexity.

Nowadays all recruitment companies employ the powers as one of the basic elements for assessing adequacy of our candidates for a particular job profile.


We are a platform that connects to people who are actively seeking work and want their professional skills to enhance their professional profile, with Recruitment companies and HR departments seeking profiles that fit their needs from the professional competencies desired .


Per als candidates, Easytojobs.com is a platform for free, where we make the following services:

  • A set of pots that allow analyze and understand their professional skills based on your needs.
  • a set assessment reports of their professional skills of each candidate will receive updated their mailbox each time you make or update a test.
  • A private in our database to store your personal and professional data related to their professional experience.
  • Being part of a database of recruitment, where its profile job skills and professional data will be accessible to companies recruitment and / or human resources departments, Easytojobs.com who use the platform to find candidates that fit the needs of their profiles.


For companies, Easytojobs.com is a platform from which we make the following services:

  • A research tool for professional skills of candidates and data relating to the professional experience of potential candidates.
  • The ability to select profiles that best suit your needs
  • Receive in your email inbox a professional report with details of the most suitable skills profiles selected with their contact details payment for each profile by Paypal or credit card.


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Data security

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The service users Marketeasing may at any time exercise their rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition, in terms of the Act 15/1999, from 13 December Protection of Personal Data, writing explaining its right accompanied by a copy of your DNI / NIE's email address lopd@marketeasing.com.

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